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Beginner Starter Bootcamp

Sunday, 15 Jan, 1-6PM
Saturday, 25 Mar
, 1-6PM

Saturday, 27 May, 1-6PM

Saturday, 5 Aug, 1-6PM

Saturday, 7 Oct, 1-6PM

Have you been interested in learning Brazilian Zouk but haven't yet found the time and energy to go to a class week after week for a whole term to learn the fundamentals of Zouk?

If the answer is a resounding YES then this course is for you!

Join Zouk Unity Sydney for an afternoon in which we will cover the fundamental steps and techniques vital for social Zouk.

Never danced before? The afternoon will go for 4 hours of class with a 1 hour practica session (5hrs total). The syllabus is designed for people who are trying out Zouk for the first time and no experience is required to join this course.

* Are you already a salsa/bachata/kizomba/swing/tango/other dancer? If you're an dancer from other dance style, this is an excellent opportunity to cover a fundamental syllabus of Zouk at a pace in a slightly shorter amount of time.

*If you're already a regular Zouk dancer, this is also an excellent opportunity to refresh your foundation syllabus.

Once you graduate from this Starter Bootcamp, you are ready to take higher-level classes in Zouk Unity upcoming semester classes. We recommend Fundamentals A/B/C/D when you join us next term.

Footwear should be comfortable, men - ideally shoes with soles that won't stick to the floor too much, ladies - heels or flats, whatever you're most comfortable in - but also with soles that will glide on the floor.

Make sure you bring water and some snacks. We'll work up an appetite! 

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What is Brazilian Zouk?

The definition of our dance

Brazilian Zouk is Street Latin’s fastest growing dance. It can be danced to many genres of music – from Pop’s Top 100, to traditional Zouk music, to Brazilian music. It is a highly technical dance that is easy to pick up. While salsa is led with the hands, Brazilian Zouk’s is led by various part of the body. Its signature head & body movements is what makes the dance unique and gives its sensual characteristic. This beautiful dance began in Brazil during the early 1990s. It originated from a Brazilian dance called Lambada with influences from Samba de Gafieira, Brazilian Bolero and Forró.

Beginner Bootcamp: Welcome

Watch some Zouk dances!

✅Try something new ✅Switch off from work ✅Meet new people
✅Start a new hobby ✅Expand your social life ✅Increase confidence ✅Improve fitness & coordination ✅feel accomplished!



Watch the videos below and fall in love with the dance as we have. Come and experience the gift of dance for yourself.

Credits to the International Artist that have been displayed in these videos: Carlos, Fernanda, William, Larissa, Bruno, Rubia, Brenda & Anderson.

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Zouk videos that inspire us

Zouk videos that inspire us

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Brazilian Zouk with William & Paloma (2017 Demo)

William & Larissa 1st Place Zouk Artist Jack & Jill at Zouk SEA 2019

Jeff and Sara Freestyle Demo - ZOUK UNITY

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