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Ascend workshop
8-9 Oct 2022

Edition 3 - Head Movements

How do we challenge ourselves to dance better than ourselves? It takes consistent learning and practice surely, but even more it takes conscious awareness and little explosions of epiphanies that help you discover how you can ascend in your dance journey.

If you are looking to challenge yourself in your current dance journey, come train with us in our quarterly intensives.​

This series, we focus dive deep into one of the most unique aspects of Brazilian Zouk: Head Movements!

We will begin by understanding the body from toe to head. Throughout the course, we will focus on preparing your body for head movements, stationary head motion, travelling head movements, fluidity in the body, injury prevention, frame, strengthening/ keeping alignment, balance, finding axis. 

Ascend Workshop: Text

8 hours - Head Movement Deep Dive

Ascend your dance

6 hours by Heidi & Sunny

Open to students of all levels, but also designed for, and critical for the advanced dancers who want to ascend their dance beyond syllabus classes.

Grounding & Flow

Tips to understand what grounding means and how it can be applied to your dance and your sense of flow.

Infinite Head Movements

Building on the Grounding and Flow concepts of the Saturday and exploring how to generate and accept head movments and other upper body movements and how to connect the lower and upper in a cohesive continuous flow.

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2 hours by Jeff & Sara

Foundations of unlocking

Head movements are one of the most unique elements of Brazilian zouk, but doing them safely whether you're a lead or a follow requires a lot of technique and a good connection with your partners. Explore the unlocking of the body to discover shapes, passive head movement, and create flow.

Ascend Workshop: Classes

Only $210 for 8 hours 

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18 March - 3 April '22. Timetable breakdown

8 Oct 2022 Saturday, 1pm -5pm

  • 2 hours - Grounding & Flow

  • 2 hours - Foundations of unlocking

9 Oct 2022 Sunday, 1pm - 5pm

  • 4 hours - Infinite Head movement

Ascend Workshop: Text
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