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Ascend workshop
1-2 April 2023

Edition 5 - Possibilities in Movement and working with Rules

How do we challenge ourselves to dance better than ourselves? It takes consistent learning and practice surely, but even more it takes conscious awareness and little explosions of epiphanies that help you discover how you can ascend in your dance journey.

If you are looking to challenge yourself in your current dance journey, come train with us in our quarterly intensives.​


8 hours - Ascend your Dance

4 hours by Heidi & Sunny

Breaking the rules

Our training program focuses on conceptualizing patterns and challenging old habits to master underlying concepts. We offer various techniques that expand creativity and provide a fresh perspective on patterns. Through exploration and experimentation, you'll learn how to approach patterns differently, encouraging you to think outside the box, take risks and try new things - leading to the creation of unique and innovative patterns. Challenge your habits and join our training program to uncover new possibilities in pattern-making.

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4 hours by Jeff & Sara

Unlock Possibilities in Movement

Explore the possibilities in your body, discovering its full range and comfort. We'll link foundational and intermediate moves to create a seamless flow, building your confidence and empowering you to express yourself through dance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, you'll learn new ways of moving, exploring different styles and rhythms while coordination, muscle memory, and also understanding how the connection with your partner plays a role in your dance and own body


Sat, Sun 1-5PM

1-2 April 2023

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